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Message from the Chair

It is an honor and a privilege for us to serve as co-chairs on the Council for Diversity and Interculturalism (CDI).  Advancing diversity and inclusion on our campus and in the community requires  a continuous effort on everyone’s part as we work towards a common goal of being welcoming to all and hostile to none.  CDI strives to seek out best practices related to diversity and inclusion through collaboration and dialogue that can be implemented on our campus so that students, faculty, staff, and visitors can feel welcome.

Angela Batey
Chair, CDI


  • Angela Batey, College of Arts & Sciences


  • Erin Darby, Department of Religious Studies


Appointed by Chancellor’s Commissions:

    • Sharon Couch, Commission for Blacks
    • Mitsunori Misawa, Commission for LGBT
    • Rachel Chen, Commission for Women

Appointed by Vice-Chancellors of Respective Areas:

    • Tanisha Jenkins, Student Life
    • Matthew Theriot, Academic Affairs
    • Kayla Smith, Athletics
    • Karen Dunlap, Communications
    • Avery Howard, Development and Alumni Affairs
    • Emily Simerly, Finance and Administration
    • Julie Roe, Human Resources
    • Jean Mercer, Research and Engagement

Appointed by Constituency Groups

    • Carmen Danley, Student Government Association
    • Amanda McClellan, Graduate Student Senate
    • Lisa Muller, Faculty Senate

At-Large Appointments

    • Angela Batey (Chair), School of Music
    • Sarah Browning, College of Social Work
    • Adam Cureton, Philosophy
    • Erin Darby, Department of Religious Studies (co-chair)
    • Jioni Lewis, Psychology
    • Sandy Mixer, College of Nursing
    • Morgan Ridgell, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Georg Schaur, College of Business
    • Raja Swamy, Department of Anthropology
    • Bonnie Johnson, Dean of Students – Pride Center

Previous Co-Chairs:

  • Alan Chesney
  • Marva Rudolph
  • Donna Thomas
  • Anton Reece
  • Herb Byrd
  • Tyvi Small
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Tanisha Jenkins
  • Eric Stokes
  • Floyd Akins